The Dueling Duchesses: The Sad Reality of Fans Pitting Catherine Against Meghan

I agree with you. I have a special like for Kate, but I still have a positive interest for all of the others. Others being nasty and cruel to any Royal Member is stupid and childish.

Royal Circular

One wonders if those on Twitter act in the same manner in their personal, real lives. Do they choose one friend and critique her against another? Do they compare which friend works harder? Doubtful. But give them 140 characters on Twitter and it is like a royal cage match.

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Sussex are VASTLY two different individuals. They come from two very different backgrounds and have chosen paths that suit them.


The negativity on both sides whether it be ‘Team Cambridge’ or ‘Team Sussex’ is palpable. Some, not all fans of Catherine tear apart Meghan like a shark who has not had a meal in a week. The same goes for those who are fans of Meghan. Again, two women who likely formed an alliance playing on each other’s strengths but yet you have people who feel the need to be self-righteous and judge every…

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Brokenness, Depression and Brennan Manning

Hard to read as my brain broken from Strokes, but Amazing words!

Broken Believers

I’ve put together a collection of quotes by my favorite author, Brennan Manning.  I have found that when he writes, he penetrates.  What he writes goes deep into the soul of this ex-junkie, loser, and mentally ill person—he tells me of God’s love like few have ever done. 

To Manning, every person is redeemable, none are too far gone.  Brennan Manning was a strong voice to the weak, the lame, the mentally challenged, and for the prodigal.


“There is a beautiful transparency to honest disciples who never wear a false face and do not pretend to be anything but who they are.”

My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.”

 “To live by grace means to acknowledge my whole life story, the light side and the dark. In admitting my shadow side I…

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