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Final Birthday as the Empress

Have a Lovely Birthday Your Highness!! Much Love to You!!!


On 20th October, HM Empress Michiko turned 84 years old.

Her Majesty the Empress’s Answers to Questions by the Press on the Occasion of Her 84th Birthday 2018 (Written Answers)

Text from Imperial Household Agency


We have once again observed various incidences over the past year, from torrential rains in western Japan to an earthquake in Hokkaido. As this is the last year in which Your Majesty celebrates Your birthday in Your current status as Empress, would You tell us Your thoughts as His Majesty the Emperor’s abdication approaches in a little more than six months?

Over the past year, between my last birthday and today, Japan has been fraught with many natural disasters, from the heavy snowfall in the beginning of this year to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and torrential rains. Around the world, too, there were similar disasters plus forest fires induced by heatwaves and hurricanes, inflicting…

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The Dueling Duchesses: The Sad Reality of Fans Pitting Catherine Against Meghan

I agree with you. I have a special like for Kate, but I still have a positive interest for all of the others. Others being nasty and cruel to any Royal Member is stupid and childish.

Royal Circular

One wonders if those on Twitter act in the same manner in their personal, real lives. Do they choose one friend and critique her against another? Do they compare which friend works harder? Doubtful. But give them 140 characters on Twitter and it is like a royal cage match.

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Sussex are VASTLY two different individuals. They come from two very different backgrounds and have chosen paths that suit them.


The negativity on both sides whether it be ‘Team Cambridge’ or ‘Team Sussex’ is palpable. Some, not all fans of Catherine tear apart Meghan like a shark who has not had a meal in a week. The same goes for those who are fans of Meghan. Again, two women who likely formed an alliance playing on each other’s strengths but yet you have people who feel the need to be self-righteous and judge every…

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